Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to lower the unemployment rate? Stop firing people.

Via Corey Robin, an Atlantic article on how few government jobs we have now:
First, credit where it's due. The Hamilton Project has produced a beautiful graph illustrating the government employment to population ratio. As it shows, there are now fewer public sector employees per American than at any time dating back to the Carter administration (To be clear, we're talking state, federal, and local here). 
Here's the graph:
You think having much fewer government jobs available than we otherwise would have might contribute to the lack of jobs? Or, as Corey Robin put it: "I think we know the answer: First, stop firing people. Second, start hiring people."


  1. Fantastic blog - but needs more posts :)

  2. Also, agreed. One exception- politicians who argue that we should fire more public employees, that businesses should be able to fire full time workers more easily and then replace them with part time and temporary employees with out benefits, and then argue that their first priority is jobs, could loose their public sector jobs with out much harm to the economy. Most probably have enough in their coffers for a comfortable early retirement anyway.

  3. Good point. Unfortunately, most don't "retire", they end up moving down the street and working as lobbyists, trying to get their former congressional colleagues to vote wherever the money is. Or do what Mitch Daniels did - as governor, appoint board members to your public university, then have them name you as president of said university and give you a half a million dollar a year salary. You don't even have to run for reelection!

  4. I love this blog and I wish there were new posts!