Saturday, March 3, 2012

Government agencies targeting Muslims

In the past few weeks it's come to light that the NYPD had a vast program for spying on ordinary Muslim Americans.  Falguni Sheth has a good overview of it, which includes monitoring students groups, community centers, and even grocery stores.

This echos the animosity that the FBI has shown towards American Muslims, be it teaching agents that mainstream Muslims are likely to be terrorist sympathizers or using outreach programs to spy on Muslim Americans. The recent Capitol Hill terrorist plot continued in the fine tradition of the FBI recruiting a Muslim for a terrorist attack, sending them out on that attack, and then arresting them:
In several recent terrorism sting operations, critics have accused federal investigators of provoking suspects and, in some cases, suggesting possible targets or tactics. Legal experts say the FBI sometimes walks a fine line in such cases. 
I'm pretty sure if the FBI wanted to expand it's terrorist recruitment drive to disgruntled students that wanted to shoot up their school or paranoid anti-Government types, they would also meet with success. Two questions should be asked, however. First, isn't there already enough crime out there without the FBI manufacturing more? And more importantly, if the NYPD and the FBI are worried about American Muslims harboring animosity, what do they think the effects of aggressively targeting that community at all levels would be?