Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The truth behind the IRS "scandal"

From the report:

According to the Director, Rulings and Agreements, thefact that the team of specialists worked applications that did not involve the Tea Party, Patriots, or 9/12 groups demonstrated that the IRS was not politically biased in its identification of applications for processing by the team of specialists.

Note: it's not just that they worked on applications not involving those groups, it's that the majority of their applications didn't involve those groups. But this is even more interesting:

Based on our review of other BOLO listing criteria, the use of organization names on the BOLO listing is not unique to potential political cases.16

So there were other groups included as well. But they don't list them...hey, what's footnote 16?

16 We did not review the use of other named organizations on the BOLO listing to determine if their use was appropriate.

Why not? Why did they only look to see whether or not Tea Party groups were targeted?

Now if we look back to see why they started this investigation: "TIGTA initiated this audit based on concerns expressed by members of Congress." Ah, so that's why they only looked at whether or not the Tea Party groups were treated inappropriately! 

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